Focus Group: Bisexual & Pansexual Women & Transfolk in Toronto

Hi everyone! I am interested in holding a focus group for bisexual & pansexual women, transfolk and genderqueers living in Toronto on Tuesday, July 21st from 6:30pm-9:30pm.

Note: I now have enough participants. Thank you so much for your interest!


The purpose of this group is to identify shared issues in our communities that we would like to address, and is part of a major assignment for my Community Social Work course delivered through York University. I want to discover: What are our experiences and problems? How are they the same? How do they differ? What would we like to see change?

I do not have to submit transcripts or direct quotations for this assignment. As such, you can expect everything said in the group to remain confidential. I will not be delving too deeply into any one person's experiences but you are welcome to share as little or as much as you feel comfortable. I will share the identified themes that emerge from our time together with you. And who knows, perhaps we will come up with a really cool, city-shaking change idea!


I think it is important to acknowledge the fluidity of romantic and sexual attraction as well as gender. Some people interpret bisexual as supporting a gender binary and therefore prefer the term "pansexual."

Anyone identifying as either bisexual or pansexual is encouraged to attend. This group is open to anyone who identifies as women, trans, non-binary or genderqueer.

Photo Credit: Living the Bi Life